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Corroseal® Rust Converting Primer (CS100)


SKU# 82320 - 1 quart jug
SKU# 82331 - 1 gallon jug
SKU# 82335 - 5 gallon pail
SKU# 82320 - 52 gallon drum

Product Description

Corroseal® is a water based rust converter combined with a non pigmented high quality latex metal primer. The converter segments turn rust into a barrier layer of black non rusting magnetite. The primer acts as a bonding agent for oil-based intermediate and finish coatings of epoxy, enamel, acrylic, polyurethane and moisture-cured urethane, and with water based coatings not subject to tannin staining. Water based coatings may require an oil based stain blocker as an intermediate application. Corroseal® is non flammable and non corrosive.

DOT shipping classification 55
Universal Customs Code 3810.10

Basic Use

Corroseal® is recommended for use on rusted or partially rusted steel surfaces as a rust converter / paint primer, and as an etch primer on aged tight paint of any color, and as a sealer on non ferrous metals such as some aluminum, copper, and brass.

  • Protects against future rusting
  • Can be used on welds
  • Eliminates need to mechanically blast to white metal in many instances
  • Not recommended for outside hull underwater applications

Corroseal® is packaged in quarts, gallons, five gallon buckets and 52 gallon drums.




The actual surface condition and thickness of rust will dictate the amount of Corroseal® needed. For estimating purposes, 1 gallon of Corroseal® covers approximately 200 square feet.


Do not use in direct contact with food or potable water. Refer to the Corroseal MSDS and label for precautionary information.

Surface Preparation

Remove all salt, loose rust, mill scale, dirt, grease, oil, old paint and other deposits. Apply solvent cleaner according to manufacturer's directions and rinse. A residue free surface is essential before coating application begins. The surface should be a CLEAN, TIGHT RUST.


Do NOT use Acetone or dishwashing detergent to clean rusted steel surface. When black color appears, rust conversion has started. If gray areas appear apply more Corroseal® while surface is tacky.


Brush, roll or spray undiluted Corroseal® in a heavy white coat with no surface show through at 8-10 mils wet film thickness. When black color appears, rust conversion has started. Wait at least 24 hours before top coating. A second coat of Corroseal® may be applied while first coat is still tacky. Apply all topcoats according to manufacturer’s specifications. Use oil based marine or industrial coatings for best weather protection.

Application Conditions

Keep from freezing, Apply at 45°F and rising and below 100°F(7°-37°C) and falling. Test over zinc based coatings as some galvanizing reject Corroseal® chemistry. Do not apply onto zinc chromate or phosphates, lead, magnesium, copper powder, graphite, borate pigments. Chromate-treated (pickled) prefabricated steel building cold rolled perlins and gutters are to remain dry until top coated. Cold rolled steel can require abrading to anchor profile and degrease.

Application Method

Brush roll or spray undiluted Corroseal® in a heavy white coat with no surface show through at 8-10 mils wet film thickness.


Waterborne topcoats subject to tannin staining must be tested 48-60 hours before use. If tannin staining occurs, apply oil based stain blocker or apply oil based topcoat. Always prepare a test patch to ensure compatibility with substrate and follow-on coatings.

Dry time
Dry time to re-coat

Wait at least 24 hours to top coat.

Technical Services

Technical advice is available by calling Corroseal® at 1-800-237-1573 or email inquiries to info@corroseal.com. Visit www.corroseal.com for more information. Made in the USA by Rodda Paint Company, Portland Oregon.

"We used Corroseal to save some ornamental iron that was to be used on a customers front porch. Corroseal saved us hours of sandblasting and prep work. I would recommend this product to anyone! Thank you so much."
- Kevin S., Orlando, Florida

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