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Corroseal® is a water based rust converter combined with a non pigmented high quality latex metal primer. The converter segments turn rust into a barrier layer of black non rusting magnetite. The metal primer acts as a bonding agent for oil-based intermediate and finish coatings of epoxy, enamel, acrylic, polyurethane and moisture-cured urethane, and with water based coatings not subject to tannin staining. Water based coatings may require an oil based stain blocker as an intermediate application. Corroseal® is non flammable and non corrosive.

Basic Use

Corroseal® is recommended for use on rusted or partially rusted steel surfaces as a rust converter / metal primer, and as an etch primer on aged tight paint of any color, and as a sealer on non ferrous metals such as some aluminum, copper, and brass.

  • Protects against future rusting
  • Can be used on welds
  • Eliminates need to mechanically blast to white metal in many instances
  • Not recommended for outside hull underwater applications

SKU# 82320 - 1 quart jug
SKU# 82331 - 1 gallon jug
SKU# 82335 - 5 gallon pail
SKU# 82320 - 52 gallon drum


Milky, off-white to tan liquid


Very mild


Do not thin


200 square feet per gallon @ 2.5 mil dry film thickness. 4.9 square meters per liter.

Spreading Rate

8-10 mils wet film thickness, 200-250 microns, to create optimum dry film thickness of 2.5 mils to 3.5 mils DFT (65 to 90 microns) to cover anchor profile


Soap and water for equipment, hands, and clothes. Clean dried spatter with lacquer thinner.

Physical Properties
VOC (ATSM D 3960)

60 grams per Liter, 8 oz per gallon

Non volatiles by volume


Non volatiles by weight


Weight per gallon

8.6 lbs, 3.91 Kg



Flash point

(Closed Cup ASTM D 56) >200°F, > 93°C


(Brookfield model LVF #2 spindle, 60 rpm) 300 cps

Heat Resistance

Resists heat aging up to 270°F. Useful properties up to 350°F.

UV Resistance

(ASTM G-23 Ultraviolet Testing) 1000 hours - No Fading

Cathodic Disbondment

Corroseal Primer to rusted steel and top coated with - ASTM D4541 Wasser MoistureCure-CR-PW Average Pull Force at Failure 1128 psi

Shelf life

(ASTM D 1849) resists greater than 1 week at 140°F and up to or over one year between 38°F and 105°F, 3°C and 41°C. Avoid continuous direct sunlight. KEEP FROM FREEZING. Discard after freezing.

Dry time

(ASTM D 1640) at 3 mils wet film, 76 microns.
Set to touch - 3 minutes
Cotton free - 10 minutes
Dry to touch - 30 minutes
Hard dry - 40 minutes
Through fingernail hard - 60 minutes

Rejects rainwater

at 77°F, 25°C - No wash off 240 minutes

Recoat time

at 77°F, 25°C Brush / Roller 15-30 minutes, Spray 10-20 minutes or between set to touch and dry to touch (tacky).

Top coat time

24 hours minimum, up to 30 days

Technical Services

Technical advice is available by calling Corroseal® at 1-800-237-1573 or email inquiries to info@corroseal.com. Visit www.corroseal.com for more information. Made in the USA by Rodda Paint Company, Portland Oregon.

"We used Corroseal to save some ornamental iron that was to be used on a customers front porch. Corroseal saved us hours of sandblasting and prep work. I would recommend this product to anyone! Thank you so much."
- Kevin S., Orlando, Florida

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